Tenants who rent through Double Eagle

You have two options for paying online:

1)  Through Zego as described below or,

2)  Through AppFolio - contact the office for access.


HOA Members

Payment Methods for Dues, Fines or Other Charges:  (* = Most cost effective options.)
* Check          * Money Order          * Cash          * Bill Pay through your bank
Debit/Credit through Zego (Powered by PayLease)


Payments through Zego may be scheduled as a one-time event or as a recurring payment for the term of your ownership.  You are responsible for the processing fee, currently 3.23% of the amount + $4.25 and rounded up to the next $.95 for credit card, $7.47 for debit card, or $4.25 for e-check.

Payment is still due on time to avoid late fees!


Balances are not available online.
Contact the office at (907) 357-1770 to verify your balance.

Please contact Zego Support at (866) 729-5327 if you need assistance with the registration process.

As always, you are welcome to come in and pay in person - we love seeing you!

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